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Visiting Kenya – the Real Africa

When people hear the word Africa they think about tribes, lions and elephants, the desert, mountains and those poor starving African children. If they want to see all that (except for the poor African children who live in other parts of the continent), they should go to Kenya. Apart from Egypt, Morocco and SAR, it is among one of the most visited countries in the continent, yet it is less touched by the tourism industry and the western culture, preserving all its natural beauty and ancient culture.

The Animals

There are species here that only live in Africa. In numerous natural parks visitors can see all the “Big Five” species as well as a lot other bigger and smaller species. Millions of flamingos walk around peacefully, coming close enough to touch. Elephants and hippos are going about their daily business. Lions and cheetahs lie in a shade waiting for the right hunting time. It is all there, exactly as seen in movies.

Safaris and camping trips are organized into these parks, available in all parts of the country. There are walking tours, jeep safaris and camel rides into the wild.

The Mountains

The Mount Kenya is perfect for both professional climbers and trekkers. Two of the highest points are Batian with 5,200 meters and Nelion with 5,188 meters. These two can only be reached with the right technical skills and equipment. Lenana is a bit lower at 4985 meters and can be climbed by almost anyone. It’s the favorite mountaintop for trekkers. Most of the mountain is covered with forests or moorland but there are also rocks and snow. As it takes more than one day to reach the top and back, there are huts on the way for trekkers to stay overnight. Still, some prefer to camp out.

The People

Visitors who want to see the real African way of living, often go to the Lake Turkana area. Since it is far from usual tracks, the people here are still living in tribes like all Africans did hundreds of years ago. There are different tribes with different culture and customs. Most of them are welcoming and happy to show visitors around their village. They hold dancing and singing performances in the honor of their guests and are very friendly. Of course, they also expect to get gifts from their visitors in exchange for their welcoming hospitality.

The Beach

After visiting the tribes and going to see all the amazing wildlife or climbing the mountain, tourists also want to relax a little. In the Malindi and Watamu area there are some of the most amazing beaches. Silversand beach is full of resorts and beautiful villas. All kinds of water activities can be practiced here, including snorkeling, diving, sailing and of course swimming and sunbathing. Dolphins love to swim around in the warm shore side waters, tours are organized to go see them.

Kenya really is amazing and has so much to offer for everyone, from safaris to beaches from tribe life to mountain climbing. Those who want to go to Africa on their next holiday, should put Kenya in their list of places to visit.

2 Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you are planning to have a golf vacation, you need not spend too much cash because there are loads of golf packages Myrtle Beach has to offer. These packages will make your golf expedition enjoyable at the same time affordable. You will also be also give suitable accommodation while spending your moments in a place recognized for its exquisiteness. Myrtle Beach is there to offer you various activities including the golf packages that you are going to enjoy so it will make your vacation unforgettable.

These golf packages comprise the utilization of several courses together with the stunning lakes and gardens exclusive to the place itself. If you are going to pay for a golf package, the different courses will be accessible to you at all time for the duration of your stay. You are given a preference to select whenever you engage in the recreational activity at every course at a time that is convenient to you or at a time you are ready to play. By this means, it will permit you to have a spare time to get pleasure from the peaceful scenery and a kick back with your associates by the pool. In additional, depending on your stay, some packages will also involve free meals and free accommodation during night time. As mentioned above, there are a lot of options to choose from golf packages Myrtle Beach are offering; there is the whole thing from beaches to golf resorts, magnificence homes, pleasant hotels, beachfront condominiums and a whole lot more. Various courses that are being recommended are Tigers Eye, George Cobb-s, Lion-s Paw, Freddy Couple Carolina National and many more. Clearly, you can always have an option to come back anytime you want and enjoy the different amenities Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Tanzania Safari: a Romantic Getaway

One of the things that people say about the Tanzania Safari is that it can actually be a romantic getaway. This is because when you go on a Tanzania Safari, you actually disconnect from society and connect more with nature, animals, and the earth. And so if you were to go on a Tanzania Safari with the love of your life, you would likely end up connecting a lot with her seeing as how you are miles away from home and the only person you really know in that place would be the woman you adore. Given this, it is not hard to see why many couples are considering going on the Tanzania Safari as a potential romantic getaway. If and when you are one of those people who are planning to go on such a romantic getaway, do remember to bring a camera so you can photograph the awesome time that you guys had.

I love to travel alone and when I am preparing for a trip, one of the first things I do is get out the world atlas. Last year, in a search for interesting place to visit my eyes laid on African continent. I thought a Tanzania safari was exciting. I studied my atlas intensely to learn the best places in Tanzania, determine the number of miles I would travel from my country to the destination, and estimated the expenses. After so much pondering, I took a major life-changing step: I decided to book a trip to Tanzania. So in late 2011, I stuffed clothes and toiletries into one of my favorite mobile backpacks. When I arrived in Tanzania, I stayed in a lodge arranged for me by a travel agency who took care of my 3 day itinerary. The place was very cozy and it was nearby a beach with pristine white sand. The view was gorgeous. Thanks to my atlas, I found the perfect place.

I often take a moment as I wait at our grocery store checkout stand to scan the covers of the magazines displayed there. The magazines are collections of my mother and if they aren’t about fitness and health, they’re about Hollywood or travels. Her latest addition is about Tanzania Safari. The author of one of the articles written in that magazine described his one week long journey to Tanzania with some few friends as a splendid experience! Their itinerary was consisted of best destinations in the Northern part of Tanzania: the Lake Manyara where they enjoyed a sight of thousands of famous pink flamingo birds and a wide range of wild animals.

South Africa – So Different From the Rest

When talking about African countries, one of them stands out because it is so totally different from all thee other nations in thee continent. That country is thee Republic of South Africa or simply South Africa. It is located on thee southern tip of thee African continent and has around 3,000 kilometers of coastline. The reason why it is different from other countries is that it is a multi-ethnic country and has many different languages and cultures represented.

South Africa also stands out because it is thee richest country in Africa. It’s economy is much better compared to all thee poor countries that surround it. In fact, it holds thee 28th position among thee largest economies of thee world. Then again, 25% of thee people still live in poverty and don’t have jobs.

In South Africa, science and technology are also very advanced. When compared to other African nations where nobody owns a mobile phone and TV can only be seen in cities, South Africa is responsible for many important developments in surgery, technology, electricity. There are several Nobel Prize winners in South Africa. The country is also famous for their astronomy and large telescopes.

Since South Africa is doing much better than most of their neighboring countries, there are a lot of illegal immigrants coming in, which has become a real problem for SAR. Out of 5 million immigrants, over 3 million came from Zimbabwe. Lately, thee government is taking radical steps to solve thee immigration problem because it also contributes to thee unemployment rate of thee South African citizens.

In spite of their relatively good economy and high medical standards, South Africa still suffers from diseases that are common in all African nations. Over 30 percent of all pregnant women in 2005 were infected withe HIV. Since thee government denied thee AIDS issue for a long time, they didn’t do much about it. Today South Africa has over 5 million people living withe AIDS, which is more than in any other country of thee world.

Visit Biarritz and Stay in Biarritz Hotels

Are you planning to get a taste of France this holiday? If so, then you should start looking for Biarritz hotels today. Visiting in Biarritz can be an enjoyable way to get some relaxation in the land of French people. The said location offers numerous spots and activities that you and your family will definitely enjoy. The area is teemed with clean and wide beaches, amazing restaurants, numerous bars, shopping sprees and so many more for the whole family. Aside from that, exciting activities like surfing, wine tasting and cooking are also typical in the locality. You can also stroll down the serene and small roads in the localities with your bikes as you marvel the beauty of the rising sun. Hence, whatever your planned itinerary would be, whether you want to slip into your monokinis and sun bathe or get dressed for a fine dining cuisine, you can do it in Biarritz with much gusto.

What Makes Tanzania Safari Holidays Special?

You might be wondering why you should experience the Tanzania Safari Holidays. One of the things that a lot of people wonder about is whether or not you can actually touch the animals that are found on the Tanzania Safari. Truth be told, you are not going to be allowed to touch the really dangerous animals because touching those animals could put your life in jeopardy. If however the animals that come your way are harmless ones, there is a slight chance that you will be permitted to go near the animal and touch it. At the end of the day it must be said that a good rule of thumb is that you are only supposed to touch animals if you are completely sure that they are not the type who will attack you or hurt you badly. And so with regards animals with sharp teeth that can rip you apart, it is likely that you would not be allowed to touch these creatures.

One of the things that you will probably see if you go on a Tanzania Safari is a whole new world which you never thought existed. This is because most people out there have only seen places like Tanzania in the movies or in the television so much so that they believe that such places are just a creation of the mind. And so for those people who are on their first Tanzania Safari, they feel as though they suddenly entered a whole new world which they never knew was there. According to some of the people in the Tanzania Safari, those first timers are the ones who usually ask the most questions and take the most pictures because they are really astounded that such a world is actually in existence. And so at the end of the day, the Tanzania Safari can really give you a new perspective about the world.

Africa: a Very Interesting Place to Visit

A lot of people like to visit various places in Africa. Gone are the days when they opt for luxurious places in America and Europe for a holiday escapade. Now, some tourist love to immerse to African culture and feel the heat of their dessert.

Africa has many interesting places and people. And this is why tourists crowd on this part of the world. In fact, many people may have a wrong impression about this place. They will only realize about it once they pay it a visit. For instance, one may think that this place has been deprived from the world’s riches. After all, a lot of their people died of hunger and poverty and this fact can be seen all over the news. But only few knew that this place contains half of the world’s diamond. They are all over South and Central Africa. And in Pretoria, the largest gem quality of such stone was discovered last 1905. Hence, Africa is not that poor after all! Today, the world’s largest producers of gold can be seen in this place.

Africa is not just rich in precious elements and stones but is also a place filled with wild varieties of animals in their numerous species. In Madagascar alone, one can witness 100 species of lemurs. Anybody who wanted to see the world’s biggest frog can simply drop by Cameroon. This is one foot big and truly amazing. Even the fastest animals that ever lived reside in this continent. The cheetah is just among them. This animal can run to as fast as 60 mph. Its Lake Malawi also contains the most number of fish species in the world, reaching to as many as 500 in numbers. One can also find as many as 2300 varieties of bird species on this area. And world’s largest animal can also be found in this place. These are the African elephant. They weigh to as much as 6-7 tones. In fact, they drink to as much as 160 liters a day!

Aside from animals, Africa is filled with wonderful places to visit too. The wonderful Sahara desert is just among them. And its vastness extends to the South to as far as half a mile every month. The world’s second largest canyon can also be found in Namibia. This is known as the Fish River Canyon.

However, it is sad to note that there are many people in Africa who struggle when it comes to their health. In fact, in sub Saharan Africa, 3,000 die daily after being infected with malaria. It is so frightening to know that AIDS or HIV is most rampant in this place too. In fact, it has the highest number of AIDS victims in the world reaching to more than 5.3 million! In Angola, 192.5 infants die in every 1000 live births, having the greatest infant mortality rate in the world.

However, Africa remained one of the world’s best tourist destinations. This is not just because of the place but the kindhearted people who reside in it.

Guest Ranch Activities for Summer Vacation

If you and your family is wondering what activities you would do this summer, I suggest you go to guest ranch and experience a whole new adventure with lots of fun, excitement and bonding moments. Going to the ranch will be a good idea, most especially if the ranch you are going to have several activities to offer. Some of the activities you can do in a ranch include horse back riding, fishing and camping. It is a good way to spend time with your family. There are houses where you can rent and spend overnight. You do so many activities over night. You can sit near the fire place and play games such as card games, scrabble and many other indoor games. You can also set a bonfire outside and share stories or sing a song. Early in the morning you can jog all over the ranch or have an early horse back riding activity. Just make sure you are well oriented with the policies in riding a horse.

A View of the Australian Nation

Australia Facts are one of the best facts in the world, Australia is full of heritage and important events which affected other nations in the world. Being one of the continents in the earth, and at the same time functions as one nation, Australia is able to gain full control of the whole flat island.

Though Australia is small in view of the other continents, it is still a large nation, the sixth largest in the world. With more or less twenty two million inhabitants, most of the people at 70% lived in the 10 major cities in Australia. The nation is also one of the most developed countries in the world, making them leaders in economy, and other aspects in the community. The nation has grown a lot with discipline and self-mastery. Being one of the experts in agriculture and mining industry, Australia is one of the major exporters of agricultural products.

The Benefits of Seattle Vacation Deals When Traveling With Family

There are many benefits that come when one takes a Seattle vacation deals package especially when traveling with family or a group of friends. When one is planning on taking a vacation holiday one thing that comes in mind is the cost of vacation. The vacation deals package is a big relief when it comes to saving money and enjoying the kind of holiday that will be full of excitement. Most vacation deals are very cost effective when it comes to traveling with a family or a group then when one is traveling alone. Travel agencies and the package providers will always have a special discount for families that are traveling with children. There are some packages that children below a certain age are not allowed to pay any amount or children up to a certain age will pay half the price of an adult. This is because in most cases children will always be sharing a family suit or will have rooms with multiple beds.