Amazing Hotels in Pismo Beach

Aiming for the best weekend at Pismo Beach? Start it off with some suggestions on hotels in Pismo Beach. If you’re looking for a weekend with a bang, then try the Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa. With an amazing restaurant, amazing view, pool outside overlooking the sunset, you’ll definitely feel pampered. The amazing restaurant will provide you with sumptuous food in every meal. All you have to do is sit back and relax. You can also swim sans the sand in their indoor pool. Meet your neighbors and mingle the night away at their bar after. Its namesake, Pismo Beach Hotel, will provide you with great amenities and a great location as well. With their quaint amenities, you are surely set to spend a luxurious weekend of rest and relaxation. You can also try the Pismo Lighthouse Suites which is always booked for a great reason. It is a great getaway not only for the family, but for friends set out to have a memorable weekend.

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