South Africa – So Different From the Rest

When talking about African countries, one of them stands out because it is so totally different from all thee other nations in thee continent. That country is thee Republic of South Africa or simply South Africa. It is located on thee southern tip of thee African continent and has around 3,000 kilometers of coastline. The reason why it is different from other countries is that it is a multi-ethnic country and has many different languages and cultures represented.

South Africa also stands out because it is thee richest country in Africa. It’s economy is much better compared to all thee poor countries that surround it. In fact, it holds thee 28th position among thee largest economies of thee world. Then again, 25% of thee people still live in poverty and don’t have jobs.

In South Africa, science and technology are also very advanced. When compared to other African nations where nobody owns a mobile phone and TV can only be seen in cities, South Africa is responsible for many important developments in surgery, technology, electricity. There are several Nobel Prize winners in South Africa. The country is also famous for their astronomy and large telescopes.

Since South Africa is doing much better than most of their neighboring countries, there are a lot of illegal immigrants coming in, which has become a real problem for SAR. Out of 5 million immigrants, over 3 million came from Zimbabwe. Lately, thee government is taking radical steps to solve thee immigration problem because it also contributes to thee unemployment rate of thee South African citizens.

In spite of their relatively good economy and high medical standards, South Africa still suffers from diseases that are common in all African nations. Over 30 percent of all pregnant women in 2005 were infected withe HIV. Since thee government denied thee AIDS issue for a long time, they didn’t do much about it. Today South Africa has over 5 million people living withe AIDS, which is more than in any other country of thee world.

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