Visiting Kenya – the Real Africa

When people hear the word Africa they think about tribes, lions and elephants, the desert, mountains and those poor starving African children. If they want to see all that (except for the poor African children who live in other parts of the continent), they should go to Kenya. Apart from Egypt, Morocco and SAR, it is among one of the most visited countries in the continent, yet it is less touched by the tourism industry and the western culture, preserving all its natural beauty and ancient culture.

The Animals

There are species here that only live in Africa. In numerous natural parks visitors can see all the “Big Five” species as well as a lot other bigger and smaller species. Millions of flamingos walk around peacefully, coming close enough to touch. Elephants and hippos are going about their daily business. Lions and cheetahs lie in a shade waiting for the right hunting time. It is all there, exactly as seen in movies.

Safaris and camping trips are organized into these parks, available in all parts of the country. There are walking tours, jeep safaris and camel rides into the wild.

The Mountains

The Mount Kenya is perfect for both professional climbers and trekkers. Two of the highest points are Batian with 5,200 meters and Nelion with 5,188 meters. These two can only be reached with the right technical skills and equipment. Lenana is a bit lower at 4985 meters and can be climbed by almost anyone. It’s the favorite mountaintop for trekkers. Most of the mountain is covered with forests or moorland but there are also rocks and snow. As it takes more than one day to reach the top and back, there are huts on the way for trekkers to stay overnight. Still, some prefer to camp out.

The People

Visitors who want to see the real African way of living, often go to the Lake Turkana area. Since it is far from usual tracks, the people here are still living in tribes like all Africans did hundreds of years ago. There are different tribes with different culture and customs. Most of them are welcoming and happy to show visitors around their village. They hold dancing and singing performances in the honor of their guests and are very friendly. Of course, they also expect to get gifts from their visitors in exchange for their welcoming hospitality.

The Beach

After visiting the tribes and going to see all the amazing wildlife or climbing the mountain, tourists also want to relax a little. In the Malindi and Watamu area there are some of the most amazing beaches. Silversand beach is full of resorts and beautiful villas. All kinds of water activities can be practiced here, including snorkeling, diving, sailing and of course swimming and sunbathing. Dolphins love to swim around in the warm shore side waters, tours are organized to go see them.

Kenya really is amazing and has so much to offer for everyone, from safaris to beaches from tribe life to mountain climbing. Those who want to go to Africa on their next holiday, should put Kenya in their list of places to visit.

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