Africa: a Very Interesting Place to Visit

A lot of people like to visit various places in Africa. Gone are the days when they opt for luxurious places in America and Europe for a holiday escapade. Now, some tourist love to immerse to African culture and feel the heat of their dessert.

Africa has many interesting places and people. And this is why tourists crowd on this part of the world. In fact, many people may have a wrong impression about this place. They will only realize about it once they pay it a visit. For instance, one may think that this place has been deprived from the world’s riches. After all, a lot of their people died of hunger and poverty and this fact can be seen all over the news. But only few knew that this place contains half of the world’s diamond. They are all over South and Central Africa. And in Pretoria, the largest gem quality of such stone was discovered last 1905. Hence, Africa is not that poor after all! Today, the world’s largest producers of gold can be seen in this place.

Africa is not just rich in precious elements and stones but is also a place filled with wild varieties of animals in their numerous species. In Madagascar alone, one can witness 100 species of lemurs. Anybody who wanted to see the world’s biggest frog can simply drop by Cameroon. This is one foot big and truly amazing. Even the fastest animals that ever lived reside in this continent. The cheetah is just among them. This animal can run to as fast as 60 mph. Its Lake Malawi also contains the most number of fish species in the world, reaching to as many as 500 in numbers. One can also find as many as 2300 varieties of bird species on this area. And world’s largest animal can also be found in this place. These are the African elephant. They weigh to as much as 6-7 tones. In fact, they drink to as much as 160 liters a day!

Aside from animals, Africa is filled with wonderful places to visit too. The wonderful Sahara desert is just among them. And its vastness extends to the South to as far as half a mile every month. The world’s second largest canyon can also be found in Namibia. This is known as the Fish River Canyon.

However, it is sad to note that there are many people in Africa who struggle when it comes to their health. In fact, in sub Saharan Africa, 3,000 die daily after being infected with malaria. It is so frightening to know that AIDS or HIV is most rampant in this place too. In fact, it has the highest number of AIDS victims in the world reaching to more than 5.3 million! In Angola, 192.5 infants die in every 1000 live births, having the greatest infant mortality rate in the world.

However, Africa remained one of the world’s best tourist destinations. This is not just because of the place but the kindhearted people who reside in it.

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