Nature Trip at Its Best With Tasmania Tours

An island state in Australia, Tasmania is a place for nature loving people. Tasmania tours will guide you to the wonderful treasures of natures. If you are into physical activities this nature trip is for you. It might be mountain climbing, cycling, camping, fishing, off the road driving scuba diving name it they got it. But if you don’t want this kind of activities you can still enjoy the island. There a lot of beautiful sceneries that you can go to for relaxation and recreation. The Mountain View hotel is one of the best hotels in the area. From your room up in the mountain you will see the whole city state. Also they have plenty of comforts to choose from. Prices of packages and hotel accommodation will vary depending on your location. For details, information, questions. You can call the toll free number in their website or visit the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

I work at a BPO contact center and I am lucky that there are benefits and freebies that come along with my job. I recently won a Tasmanian Tours all-in package at work. It is a 7 days, 6 nights, top to tail tour of the East and West Coast of Tasmania. One the first day, my wife and I went to see St. Columbus Falls that has white sands and houses little penguins. The second destination was hiking at Wineglass Beach. The near port, Port Arthur has a unique Ghost tour at night which thrilled us both. We also went boat riding and explored the harbour of the port. Our fourth day tour was a river cruise and a visit to Cadburry Chocolate Factory. We had more of hiking and trekking on our fifth day where we visited Mount Field National Park and Lake of Saint Claire which is known to be the deepest Lake of the country.

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