Ibiza As a Family Destination Spot

The third largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain is Ibiza. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for its summer club parties, Ibiza attracts a great number of tourists who enjoy the club parties and night activities. Nowadays, the tourism department of Ibiza is working on making the island more of a family recreation destination or a family tourist spot, a plan for a new Ibiza. Wanting to change the image of the island as a party central for young people, the island is focused on creating a more family-friendly environment and is bent on attracting a large number of families.

What makes Ibiza to be known as a party central are the famous clubs in the island like Space, Amnesia, DC10, Pacha, Eden, Privilege, and many more. Ibiza is certainly world-famous for its great bars, one of which is Café del Mar that feature great music. Famous hotels include the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. It would certainly take the island a lot of time and effort to change the Ibiza fun image to a more family-oriented fun. I am excited to see Ibiza.

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